Titan Poker Featured in Travolta Film

February 24, 2010

John TravoltaAdvertising can’t get any better than being featured on a high-budget film, promoted by a big shot actor. So when Titan Poker was featured in a new film entitled From Paris with Love starring John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, everyone knew that this was a big break.

From Paris with Love

Pierre Morrel’s From Paris with Love debuted in the US last February 5. It was co-written and produced by Luc Besson, one of the most renowned French directors today. From Paris with Love is a movie about a low-level CIA operative, James Reece, played by Rhys Meyers, who just wants to become a real CIA agent, guns and iffy suits and all. He does reach the first step in his goal, which is to get assigned to a senior-level assignment. However, he runs into a bit of a strait when he is partnered with Charlie Wax, played by John Travolta. Agent Wax happens to be an egocentric agent with a devil-may-care attitude who employs some of the most questionable methods in order to do his assignment. So when they’re sent to Paris together to stop a terrorist attack, it doesn’t take long for the rookie to start second-guessing his ambitions. However, just as he’s in the middle of his new-job angst, however, he finds out that he’s actually in the terrorist organization’s target list. This, of course, leads to a wild goose chase in the middle of the beautiful city of Paris.

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It was Luc Besson’s production company that had a partnership with Titan Poker, so it was not very hard to find a spot where the said online poker site to be featured in the said movie. We see it featured when the scene where a character is playing online poker, which we will automatically see is Titan Poker. This is a big break in advertising for the site because films, no matter how covertly, can work miracles. Titan Poker is obviously pleased by this, as they plan to hold an exclusive From Paris with Love Tournament. You can access this through the French version Titan Poker’s website. There’s a $5,000 prize pool and various film merchandize giveaways. There will also be tickets to the film’s premiere – get this – in the city of Paris. If that’s not an adequate treat, then I don’t know what is. So, if you want to test your luck, this might just be the best place to do it.

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