Rats in Full Tilt

February 25, 2010

Full Tilt PokerA rumor has started circulating in the grapevine about FBI agents visiting some minor players in the US to ask about Full Tilt Poker. It’s almost like a scene from a classic Hollywood movie, except that this time, it’s happening in real life.

The Bees are Buzzing

The forums are practically swarming with conspiracy theory lovers. But really, as much as people are hoping that the poker industry is somehow the front for a multinational organ trafficking agency that is backed by an obscure revolutionary group that dates back to the medieval period and has ties with the—okay, this has become a bit too convoluted for even the most hard-core conspiracy theorist. But the point is, the FBI is probably just scouting for information about Full Tilt. Rumor has it that they’re preparing for a massive law suit against Full Tilt for letting US players into their site. They’re looking for some concrete evidence that can be used against Full Tilt, a preparation for the possible implementation of the UIGEA this coming June. With such juicy information in the hands of the feds, they’ll always have the option of threatening the said poker room with an all-out law suit.

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They’ll have leverage, so to speak, over the unfortunate poker room. Some people are actually speculating on why Full Tilt Poker has not been sued yet. But it seems as if the reason for this is that it will be much more advantageous for Full Tilt’s enemies to keep ‘bluffing’ and keep legal action as a threat instead of presenting the actual evidence in front of a jury. There’s a chance that they might lose, so it might really be much better to act as if they act like they’re the “Sword of Damocles” over Full Tilt’s head.

Interrogation 101

The FBI is apparently hard at work gathering information from certain minor players in the Washington Area. There, the players are charged with felony should they be caught playing poker online. Those who testify for the FBI are promised that they will not be prosecuted, so it’s really easier if they simple ‘talk’. However, if they refuse to testify, then the feds can always charge them. It’s a truly a classic case of bullying, especially for some players who can’t speak out. It’s hard to even begin to imagine how terrified they must have been when the men in black suits entered their homes. Still, I suppose it’s not right to take sides, especially since the FBI is just doing its job. Hopefully, this will issue will all blow over soon, without any harm coming to any of the parties involved.

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