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Our lead writer is my wife “Ranna”, she is the professional writer on here, she does good research and has a great perspective on the gambling industry. She is by far the smartest person I’ve ever known and has made me a better person. Obviously she’s going to read this.


Eric is our programmer and coder, he is an evil genius when it comes to the technical stuff. I break it and he fixes it and so far its been a friendship made in great. At least it is for me, he probably has several new grey hairs though.


Known as “Snickers” on the Felt Poker Forums, Mike is probably the best writer I’ve ever known. He writes some of the most popular stories on here, and has been doing some outstanding interviews with some of the best Online and Live poker players in the industry.

Randy (me)

I am just a clown that likes a good challenge. I decided to start a Poker News site because most of the gambling news sites have such a biased point of view, and they really are not worth reading 99% of the time. They have too many agenda’s to just report the facts, and they never seem to call anyone out in the industry.

Here at Poker News you will find a mix of real Poker and Gaming news mixed with some funny satire, and usually end with a blunt opinion. This industry is dying to be made fun of and too many people are taking themselves too serious!

If you have an idea for an article, or have the scoop on something interesting drop us a comment or an email and we will get you set up to write!

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